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Dunlop Cry Baby Q-Zone Fixed Wah

Dunlop Cry Baby Q-Zone Fixed Wah

• Instant fixed-wah sound with a kick of the footswitch
• Classic resonant, vocal tone used on many classic recordings
• Upgraded for even more control over your fixed wah sound

Now you can get the sound of a fixed-position Cry Baby Wah in a standard pedal box. With the Cry Baby Q Zone Fixed Wah - voiced by the famous red Fasel Inductor - there's no need to mess around with the rocker and try to listen for the sweet spot every time you go onstage. Just dial up the sound you want and kick the switch. This pedal has four controls to help you customize your sound. The Boost control allows you to increase your effect signal by up to +16dB. The Bandpass knob sets center of selected frequency range, which takes the place of the rocker in a Cry Baby Wah. The Range switch allows you to select a High, Middle, or Low frequency range. The Q ADJ knob controls bandpass width. Finally, the Expand knob controls the effect's low end and gain level. The Cry Baby Q Zone Fixed Wah provides the rich, resonant vocal tones of a fixed wah with even more control over your sound and the convenience of a stompbox.
195.99 CAD