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Epiphone Jeff Waters Annihilation II Flying-V Electric Guitar

Epiphone Jeff Waters Annihilation II Flying-V Electric Guitar

Now with ProBucker™ Humbuckers and KillPot™ switch!
Longtime Epi fan and signature artist Jeff Waters is back with the all new Epiphone Jeff Waters "Annihilation-II™" Flying V Outfit! The "Annihilation-II™" Flying-V Outfit has a custom Annihilation Red gloss color finish designed by Jeff and is powered by critically acclaimed Epiphone ProBucker™ humbucker pickups. Plus, a custom Phenolic fingerboard, KillPot™ switch, Grover™ Rotomatic machine heads with a pro-accurate tuning 18:1 ratio, and a custom-fitted gig bag.

Out of all the superb artists in the Epiphone family, perhaps no guitarist is held in higher esteem by his peers than Jeff Waters for his stunning combination of speed, finesse, and dead-on accuracy. And from Stockholm to San Francisco, Jeff's guitar clinics are standing room only events where both pros and pros-at-heart often leave entertained by Jeff's wit and enthusiasm and stunned by the power of his performance. Now, the trailblazing leader of Annihilator returns with the all-new Epiphone "Annihilation-II™" Flying-V Outfit designed by Jeff with Epiphone's luthiers at the "House of Stathopoulo" headquarters in Nashville. The Jeff Waters Annihilation-II™ Flying V Outfit is an updated version of the first Jeff Waters signature Flying V that set new standards for speed and sound and has been Jeff's go-to guitar for hundreds of concerts and clinics around the world.

"The new 'Annihilation-II™' Flying V Outfit is exactly what I envisioned when I challenged Epiphone to come up with an on-par-with-the original Epiphone Annihilation but reducing the cost to the buyer," says Jeff Waters. "I wanted a guitar that most hard rock and metal players could afford with killer, versatile pickups, a nice finish and setup to play either tight, heavy rhythms or fast, screaming solos! Add a new style KillPot™ switch and a "non-slip shred grip" to keep the Flying V from slipping when seated, and you have a guitar I can proudly put my name on!"

699 CAD