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Yorkville Sound Excursion Mini 70 Watt Compact PA System

Yorkville Sound Excursion Mini 70 Watt Compact PA System

The EXM 70 is the most versatile ultra-compact portable PA system Yorkville Sound has ever offered.

Weighing in under 15 pounds (6.6 kg), the EXM 70 uses two high quality long excursion 5-inch woofers and a studio monitor quality soft dome tweeter to deliver quality full range tone from as small a footprint as physically possible.

The integrated three channel 70-watt passively cooled amplifier allows direct connection of instruments, media players or microphones to the system without an additional external mixer. Individual volume and tone controls for each input channel, and a master digital effect processor ensure the EXM 70 is ready for any solo or duo performance.

Two EXM 70's can be linked with a single XLR microphone for true stereo operation, effectively doubling the number of inputs and output power for larger events and increased audience coverage.

Built for mobile convenience, the EXM 70 has an integrated handle for easy transport, and integrated standard speaker standmount adaptor for maximum projection in any live sound application.

• Ultra-Compact High Performance Portable PA System
• Three Discrete Input Channels w/ Individual Volume and Tone Control
• Integrated Digital Effect Processor
• Rugged ABS Cabinet Design
• All-Metal Grille to Protect Speaker Components
• Passively Cooled (No Fans Required)
• Integrated Standard Speaker Stand Mount
• Made in Canada
445 CAD